Valentines Day Poems

Love Poetry for Valentine's Day

Here is a collection of Valentines Day poems created for those who want something a little different


Don't get me wrong, mushy lovely dovey romantic words are good; but love poetry that captures your Baby's attention is even better. Therefore, here is some Valentines poetry with a special vibe. Be sure to read them over and pick the best one that represents you, your Sweetheart, and your relationship. Then add it along with that special romantic gift.

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Damn, I really want to kiss you. ~ Unknown

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How Did You Know

How did you know
What I needed in my life
I wasn't even sure myself
But here you came
Vibrant and new
Stroking my emotions
Through and through

I paid attention, all right
I'm still caught up
Afraid to blink
Not wanting to miss a thing
Damn, my heart sings

Because you
Are so good for me
So, how did you know
How do you do it
It's what you show
That makes me want to stay

You know what
I don't care
How you do it
Or how you know
Just don't stop
Lo and behold
I need more of it
And more of you

That's what I know

~ Valentines Day Poems by KYB

Working It

You work it, Babe
Better than anyone
I know
You have a way
Of taking me there
Nice and slow

I savor those times
When it's clear
You're mine
Working your charm
I'm totally disarmed
From you working it
Working me

Can't you see
I love it
Work me some more
Because I adore
Heavenly, Luscious
Delightful, So good

Work me over
I wish you would
Again and again
I'm already done in

You work me, Babe
You work it good

~ Valentines Day Poems by KYB


Valentines is our time
I shout to the world
That you are mine
It's not about one day
In fact

It's about a lifetime
With you intact
In my life, and in my heart
How about that
For a start

We can't celebrate us
In just one day
We're too damn good together
No freaking way
Not just this day

One day to honor us
Is not enough
This thing between us
Is special stuff
This is why today I define
You are my year round

~ Valentines Day POems by KYB

Well, I have a nice collection of Valentine's poetry throughout a special section dedicated just for this special day. Here is more love poetry for you to explore.

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